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  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Water Centre Cafeteria & Catering – City of Calgary Terms and Policies
    Zest Market and Deli is open weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the cafeteria space on the main floor of the Water Centre.


    The Zest Team will make our best efforts to accommodate all catering requests but please allow us some time to plan and prepare. If you are placing an order under the 24 hour notification period, please kindly call us at 403-268-8900 to confirm your order or come see us in person at 625 25th Ave S.E. Calgary. We do not guarantee that we can fill catering orders placed the morning or hours prior to when the catering is needed.

    Catering Info

    1. Water Centre catering: Zest Market and Deli is the Water Centre’s first option for catering for all internal/external meetings and events. They have first right of refusal for any catering orders in the building. If they decline the order, other catering options can be considered.

    2. Manchester Centre catering: Zest Market and Deli is the preferred vendor for catering orders.

    3. Zest can accommodate a range of catering services, depending on your needs, budget, and the scope of your event.

    4. As this is a LEED building, catering orders should incorporate china (when possible) or environmentally friendly cups, plates, and cutlery. Bottled water is not permitted with any catering orders.

    5. In order to qualify for the free deliveries within the Manchester yard, a minimum order of $45 before taxes must be spent on all catering orders. 

    6. Catering order payment must be received no later than 5 business days after the catering order delivery. Any payments after that grace period is subject to  a $25 late payment fee.

    Placing Your Catering Order

    1. Order online at www.zestmarket.ca. Orders must be received 48 hours in advance. However, feel free to contact Zest if you have an order under 48 hours notice. Zest Market and Deli staff will try their best to accommodate the request.

    2. Be specific – what you require and the time the order is needed.

    • Book the meeting room accordingly to ensure delivery and clean-up availability.
    • Provide a cell phone number for easy communication.

    3. Zest staff will deliver the catering order to the meeting room specified.

    • Meet Zest at the meeting room at the scheduled delivery time.
    • If the elevators are out of service, check if Zest requires assistance in delivering your order.
    • If the meeting room is in a Manchester Centre building other than the Water Centre, meet Zest in the lobby of the building and escort them to the correct room.

     Returning Catering Supplies

    4. Clean up your meeting room – dispose of garbage, leave leftover food in a coffee room.

    • Catering items like trays, carafes, and dishes can be left outside the meeting room on the cart provided. Zest will pick these up later the same day or by 8:00 a.m. the next day.
    • If there is no cart, place the catering items in a nearby coffee room or call 403-268-8900403-268-8900 to alert Zest they are ready for pick-up noting the location.

    Other Catering Options

    If Zest has declined your catering order, a list of other catering options can be found at mycity/OurOrg/Dept/CFO/FinanceSupply/BuySell/Purchasing/GoodsServices/Pages/Catering.aspx.
    You must meet any outside vendors at the west Water Centre entrance and escort them to the meeting room.